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Why is a TPMS Important?

It’s clear to most that maintaining a stabilized tire pressure is essential to your safety on the road. But, many don’t know or understand the importance of a tire pressure monitoring system, better known as TPMS. A TPMS is designed to signal drivers when there is a problem with the tires by displaying a light indicator on the dashboard, similar to (!). The system monitors air pressure and tire temperature and alerts drivers if one or more tires are under the satisfactory standing. This system is important for multiple reasons, but how vital is this for the everyday driver? 

Accident Prevention 

Arguably the most important reason a TPMS is essential for on road safety is to drive down the potential of accidents. Under or over inflated tires have been a contributing factor to a number of accidents. Handling issues lead to improper vehicle practices and thus, TPMS alerts are lifesaving. Cutting the odds of a tire problem related wreck is a key component to the use of this system.

Increased Tire Life

Most tires aren’t necessarily cheap, so why not expand the life of them with proper use. Maintaining proper inflation can lead to a longer lasting tire, thus saving you money in the process. It has been stated by some tire manufacturers that a tire simply 5 psi below the recommended tire pressure could lessen the tread life by 25%. With the TPMS catching tire pressure problems, issues are detected early enough to reduce any further damage. 

Improved Fuel Economy 

Keeping the tire properly inflated with the help of the TPMS will allow your car to continue to have the best fuel economy possible. Tires that are consistently underinflated can lower the gas mileage by 0.3% for every 1 psi drop in each tire. The TPMS effects more than the tires, it can lengthen the car’s usage. 

Overall, understanding the importance of a TPMS is beyond essential to safety. At the end of the day the number one focus is keeping the roads clear and rid of preventable accidents. Remaining safe is only one light up alert away.