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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should consumers be interested in a new tire service?
A: Fit Omni is a first-of-its-kind mobile tire fitting service that gives customers the flexibility to order their new tires online or over the phone and schedule their installation at the location of their choosing – whether it be work, home or school. Eliminating the need to ever visit a tire shop, saving hours of precious time and letting our technicians help guide you in a pleasant tirebuying and installation experience with best-in-class equipment, at the location of your choosing.

Simply schedule a date and timeslot with us and our team will:
- Balance your tires
- Mount your tires
- Check your TPMS sensors
- Change your valve stem
- AND dispose of your tires

All for one flat fee!

Q: Why should I choose Fit Omni?
A: Fit Omni technicians are highly trained and utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide superior installation, even in the most demanding circumstances. From servicing expensive rims to low-profile high-performance tires, we have you covered. The fleet of mobile service vans, can be easily recognized with their red and black logos and not only provide quick and efficient service but convenient mobile tire solutions, experienced mechanics, competitive pricing and overall exceptional service. Fit Omni is focused on the customer safety and experience.

Q: What is TPMS and what does it do?
A: Your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) acts as a safeguard, helping to keep you and your family safe on the road by monitoring the air pressure inside of your tires. When your air pressure drops below the optimal level, a warning light will flash on. Maintaining the optimal tire pressure level will not only save money but save lives.

Q: Who is the Fit Omni customer?
A: The Fit Omni customers is the busy Mom, the overscheduled college student, the stressed teenager, the overworked Dad, the immobile grandparent – the Fit Omni customer is YOU! If you’re looking for convenience and time-saving, this service is for you.

Q: How do I book my appointment with Fit Omni?
A: If you’re visiting our website fitomni.com, you’ll simply confirm your zip code, shop by your vehicle or shop by your tire size, choose your tires and schedule your installation. If you’re calling one of our helpful representatives to book your service, they will follow the same process as above. Payment is collected at the time of booking.

Q: What can I expect when my technician arrives?
A: At the time of your booking, we will give you a three hour window. You’ll be sent a link to see when the driver is in route.

Q: What if I don’t know my tire size?
A: No problem, our knowledgeable staff is happy to look up your tire size, based on your vehicle info to provide the best-fit for your vehicle. Booking online, simply “shop by vehicle” instead of size to get started.

Q: Where are Fit Omni services currently available?
A: Fit Omni services are currently available in the Amarillo and Dallas zip codes. We are hoping to expand to over 100 vans on the road by end of 2019.

Q: What do Fit Omni services cost?
A: If you’re in the Amarillo area, your cost for 1-3 tires is $30 a tire or $100 for four tires. If you’re in the Dallas area, your cost is $30/tire and includes a complimentary TPMS service.

Q: Can you install tires on specialty vehicles or vehicles with aftermarket work such as a lift kit?
A: At this time our team is not able to install tires on specialty vehicles or vehicles with aftermarket lift kits. We hope to be able to expand to these services in the future.

Q: Is there a maximum rim size you carry and install for tires?
A: Currently we have capabilities to install up to 24” tires.

Q: Can I put any tire on my vehicle?
A: Fit Omni, LLC recommends that you install the same size, load index, and speed rating as the stipulated O.E. fitment(s) or an acceptable alternative as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend installing standard tires as a replacement to your O.E. Run-Flat tires.

Q: How long do Fit Omni installation services take?
A: Our Fit Omni installation services generally take one hour or less.

Q: What about my old tires? Do I have to take those somewhere to dispose of them?
A: Our Fit Omni technicians will take and dispose of your old tires in a safe and responsible manner, so you don’t have to!

Q: Why is recycling of tires included in your fee?
A: As an organization, we pride ourselves on caring about the environment and properly disposing of tires is a must. Tires that are just lying around and not properly disposed of are a haven for disease carrying mosquitoes.

Q: Do you service flat tires or provide roadside assistance?
A: We are currently providing these services to specific areas in our service zones. Please contact us if you would like to see if your area is covered.

Q: How do I know when my car needs new tires?
A: Easy, many tires have tread wear displayed all the way around each tire. To determine if it’s time  to purchase new tires, simply look to see if the tread is worn down to the rib of the tire or if the tire is performing differently. For further validation try the penny test! Place a penny into a tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to call us.

Q: What number should I call if I am interested in scheduling a Fit Omni tire installation?
A: Please call 833-FIT-OMNI and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you in your tire purchasing experience.