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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know when my car needs new tires?

Easy, many tires have tread wear displayed all the way around each tire. To determine if it’s time to purchase new tires, simply look to see if the tread is worn down to the rib of the tire or if the tire is performing differently. For further validation try the penny test! Place a penny into a tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to call us.

2. What is included for on-site tire services?

Included in the on-site service is:  driving to location of preference, changing the tire, balancing the new tires and mounting on the existing rim, new valve stem, TMPS rebuild kit, and recycling of the old tire.  We pride ourselves on effective and affordable service! Our highly competitive prices, top-notch assistance and keen attention to detail are included with no extra charges. 

3. Can my car tire be installed at locations other than my home or work?

Yes, our service team has the ability to install tires in just about any location. From parking lots to work sites, we have you covered!

4. How long will it take for someone to fix my tire?

While we work effortlessly to provide service in a timely manner, the wait time depends on your specific tire and the number of tires being mounted and balanced. 

5. I’m having trouble finding the tires that I want, what do I do?

Contact one of our highly knowledgeable specialist to assist you in the process. Just call us at 833-FIT-OMNI and we’ll handle the rest.

6. My vehicle is parked in a parking garage, will I still be able to receive assistance with my tires?

Yes, we have a couple of solutions. Typically, we can handle everything on the first floor of the parking garage if the clearance is at least 14 feet. Or we can find a low traffic location near the garage itself. 

7. What areas are available for service?

Currently our team services the Amarillo area as well as numerous surrounding areas outside of the loop. To check the availability in your area, see our map for further details. We look to expand into other markets soon. 

8. What Fit Omni Tire sizes are currently available for installation, and for what vehicles?

We will install 13 inch to 20 inch wheels and tires for the passenger light truck vehicles with the exception of 17.5 inch and 19.5 inch commercial wheels. Tire installation of 20 inch tires not exceeding 35/12.50/R20.

9. Do your vans have the proper equipment and/or how do I know they are safe?

Yes, we have obtained some of the finest equipment for our team and the best possible service for your tires. The on-site equipment is the same you would receive from any other shops located in the area. 

10. Is it possible to reschedule an appointment or change the location?

Of course, but the sooner the better! For the convenience of our drivers/staff we ask that you do so before the driver is en route to avoid delays for further customers.  To reschedule an appointment, give us a call at 833-FIT-OMNI

11. What is TPMS and what does it do?

Your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) acts as a safeguard, helping to keep you and your family safe on the road by monitoring the air pressure inside of your tires. When your air pressure drops below the optimal level, a warning light will flash on. Maintaining the optimal tire pressure level will not only save money but save lives.

12. Who do I call for a cancellation?

Contact us at 833-FIT-OMNI immediately and speak with a customer representative.

13. Why is recycling of tires included in your fee?

As an organization, we pride ourselves on caring about the environment and properly disposing of tires is a must.  Tires that are just lying around and not properly disposed of are a haven for disease carrying mosquitoes.  

14. Can I put any tire on my vehicle?

Fit Omni, LLC recommends that you install the same size, load index, and speed rating as the stipulated O.E. fitment(s) or an acceptable alternative as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend installing standard tires as a replacement to your O.E. Run-Flat tires.