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Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour

Courser HSX Tour

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The Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour is a premium SUV tire designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride, responsive handling, all-season traction with long wearing tread.The HSX Tour is offered in the most popular sizes in the SUV market.


SCS Technology - Stability Control Siping utilizes 3-D sipes to stabilize tread elements providing enhanced handling in wet and dry conditions. Also, contributes to more even tread wear throughout the life of the tire. Optimized Water Channels - Wide water channels allow water to be evacuated away from the tread area reducing the potential for hydroplaning and improve handling in adverse weather conditions. Ventless Molding - The use of ventless molds improves the overall appearance of the Courser HSX Tour. R-Tech Construction - R-Tech construction is sidewall construction feature that improves responsiveness in all driving conditions. The tire responds more quickly to driver input.